Anonymous whispered: *whispers* british people say 'police'. Lower class ones like me say coppers. No one says 'cops'.


oh god I’m sorry D: we try to brit-pick as best we can but sometimes things slip

Anonymous whispered: is there a movie or tv show you both like, or do you never have the same taste when it comes to this kind of stuff?

I do not like Doctor Who. It doesn’t make sense. 

Anonymous whispered: What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? Who else would you stick with? John and Mary? Lestrade? Mycroft, Irene Sally and Anderson?

Get out of the city, I think. Wall in a little town and wait it out. Given enough time I’m sure we’d have a full strategy but we were half asleep when we came up with the current one. 

Anonymous whispered: Are you's trying for a little kiddie?

Please don’t tell Mrs. Holmes

the-artistic-owl whispered: For Molly: Have you ever had to rescue Sherlock from a dangerous situation?

I have never crashed through a window to stop Molly being shot. I honestly hope I never need to. 

lolahatter0912 whispered: Is there something specific about your relationship that makes it work? If so, what?

Genuine love and the desire to be together. 

Anonymous whispered: Sherlock, we know how much you love dogs, does that love transfer to Toby, or do you just put up with him for molly's sake?

I do occasionally spoon feed him tuna. I like to listen to him purr.

snapessuperwholockdaryldixon whispered: Either of you ticklish? :)

She did, in fact, lock herself in the bathroom. (I still got her)

Anonymous whispered: Have a particular language, or languages, you want to learn?

I’m not exactly sure how many languages he speaks, but I know it’s a lot. I know that he knows Catalan. 

Anonymous whispered: How would you handle a depressed or suicidal teenage girl?

I really hope you’re alright, anon. 

[suicide hotlines]