thewickedwitchwasframed whispered: Is Sherlock good at remembering birthdays and so forth, or do they just get deleted from his mind palace? x

So he doesn’t forget them, but he doesn’t remember them himself, either. 

Anonymous whispered: I suppose you've come across Anderson's theory. Would you have done it anything like that, even if that sort of bravado's not your cup of tea?

It seems everyone knew how badly I wanted to kiss her. 

Anonymous whispered: What do you guys think about the people that think John and Sherlock are together/should be together? (a.k.a. Mrs. Hudson)


I mean, I get it, two guys who are pretty close are bound to incite some rumours but when people start insisting that they’re secretly in love whilst being in committed relationships with women it borders on insanity. ):

fandomsuniteindepression whispered: Sherlock, do you feel like a guilty idiot for ignoring and being mean to Molly all those years before you fell in love?;)


Anonymous whispered: A question for the two of you: What influenced your decision to go into your respective lines of work?

I think looking into Amelia Fitch was the last nice thing Sherlock ever did for Mycroft. 

harknesshooperintheshire whispered: Since we know that Sherlock is the jealous type, do you have any stories (particularly embarrassing ones) about things that Sherlock has done when he had gotten jealous?

To be clear, I don’t normally abuse waitstaff. 

takemyhandandsayrun whispered: Molly, what do you think of Irene? And to both of you, have you seen her since the Scandal in Bulgravia. I know you said that you don't talk about it, but I'm really curious.

I’m not jealous. I’m really not. I swear. 

author’s note ;

long time, no see

i would like to formally offer about a million apologies for our three months’ absence. my partner and i have to collaborate on everything and there really wasn’t time where both of us were free to keep this blog updated but now it’s summer!

Anonymous whispered: *whispers* british people say 'police'. Lower class ones like me say coppers. No one says 'cops'.


oh god I’m sorry D: we try to brit-pick as best we can but sometimes things slip

Anonymous whispered: is there a movie or tv show you both like, or do you never have the same taste when it comes to this kind of stuff?

I do not like Doctor Who. It doesn’t make sense.